Tuesday Quick Tips – Stockholm City Archives

If you are doing research on families who lived in or around Stockholm there is one website you must become familiar with, Stockholm Stadsarkivet (Stockholm City Archives.) The Stockholm City Archives has many important archival resources available if you are able to visit in person: but even if you cannot drop by Stockholm their website has some great resources digitized or transcribed. I will note one initial difficulty, none of the site has been translated into English, so you must work in Swedish. This may give you pause, but I assure you it is well worth the effort. And if you are doing Stockholm research for the the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century it is essential for your research.

Among the most important resources are the following.

  • Rotemansarkivet: This is a substitution for the non-existant household examination records for Stockholm and it tracks individuals and families as the move in or out, and as they experience family events like births, marriages, and deaths. Like the household examination records it is important to confirm information as it is a secondary source for most major life events.
  • Mantalslängder (Census/Tax Records): Various years between 1760 and 1935 have been transcribed, indexed, and possibly digitized. These are important records for Swedish research anywhere in the Country, but they take on additional importance in Stockholm where it can be difficult to follow someone in such a large population.
  • Allmänna Barnhuset (Stockholm Orphanage): The Stockholm Orphanage records contain the list of orphans from 1798-1916. Many of the entries are very detailed, and may be the key resource for identifying an orphans family.
  • Various Police Records including Konkursärenden 1689-1849 (Bankruptcies); Stockholmspolisens signalementsfotografier 1869-1920 (Stockholm Police Mugshots); and Polisunderrättelser 1878 – 1894 (Police Reports).
  • Dödsbevis (Death Certificates): Stockholm death certificates from 1878 to 1926.

In addition to these, there are a number of maps, architecturals (so you can see what the home looked like-often inside layout and outside), and much more.

The Stockholm City Archives is required researching if you have Stockholm research.  Happy Research!

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