Tuesday Quick Tips – Midwife

When a child was born in Sweden, the birth was often attended by a midwife (barnmorska). The attendance of a midwife at the birth was in some cases recorded in the birth and christening record, especially in later records. The following is an example from 1863.

ejexSollefteå Parish, (Västernorrlands County, Sweden), Födelse- och dopbok (Birth and christening book) 1841-1870, C:4, p. 103, 4 October 1863, Anna Margareta [Classon]; digital images by subscription, ArkivDigital (http://www.arkivdigital.net : accessed 8 November 2016), AID #v122403.b96.s103.

In this example, the mother was attended by an “Ej ex. barnm.” [Ej examinarad barnmorska]-an unexamined midwife. Meaning a midwife, who had not received formal training.

Typical abbreviations seen in these type of notations are:

b. = barnmorska (midwife)

ex. = examinarad (examined/trained)

Oex. = Oexaminarad (unexamined/not trained)

– = A slash or blank space MAY indicate that there was no midwife, or that one was not recorded…

In some later birth records there is even a column for such information-entitled Förlossningsbiträde (Birthing Assistance.)

oexGrangärde Parish, (Dalarna County, Sweden), Födelse- och Dopbok (Birth and Christening Book) 1865-1879, C:12, unpaginated, chronologically ordered; digital images by subscription, ArkivDigital (http://www.arkivdigital.net : accessed 8 November 2016), AID # v130194.b332.

In these two example, the first has an trained midwife “Ex.” the second does not “Oex.”

Although, this may not provide any significant information in breaking down a brick wall, hopefully, it will give you just a little more insight into how your family experienced their lives.

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