Tuesday Quick Tips – Learning and Doing Good

There is no better way to learn to read old script than to just sit down and start working on it. I am not suggesting for someone who has never read any old scripts to jump into a meaty 17th century court record in poor gothic script. But working your way back in time and seeing how the language and script has naturally progressed in standardized formats is great way to learn and feel comfortable with the language and scripts. You will be surprised at how fast your language skills grow.

If you could do that AND help the entire genealogical community why would you not? One way to do this is to join a genealogical indexing project, like FamilySearch. They help you to grow in reading and understanding records and you help develop indexes of records like census, land, probate, birth/baptisms, marriages, and deaths/burials. You pick the project you are interested in and are offered a small set of records to index, maybe one or two pages. If you cannot read a set of records, you return it unindexed and get another set of records. Simple. But work through what you can and eventually you will find it is easier and easier. The projects are categorized as Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced and indicate time periods. At this time FamilySearch has one Norwegian projects, three Danish projects (not including one Schleswig-Holstein German project), one Icelandic project, one Finnish project, and four Swedish projects. Several of these would be great for introducing you to the language, scripts, records, and record formats.

Not feeling confident about doing indexing? FamilySearch makes sure that records are indexed twice and the results are compared and arbitrated if needed. They also provide recommendations and aids for working through the records. You will be in good hands, you will learn a lot, and will contribute to entire genealogical community!

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