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Glad Lucia! (Happy St. Lucia Day)

Today in celebration of Saint Lucia, Scandinavians will celebrate with lighted processions and special treats. This is the start of the Christmas season and special time for many! Glad Lucia till alla!

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Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! (Happy Independence Day Finland!)

On December 6th Finland celebrates its declaration of independence from the Russian Republic in 1917, best wishes to a great people and a great country!

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Tuesday Quick Tips – Learning and Doing Good

There is no better way to learn to read old script than to just sit down and start working on it. I am not suggesting for someone who has never read any old scripts to jump into a meaty 17th

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Tuesday Quick Tips – 2016 Nordic Family History Conference (Webinar)

FamilySearch is putting on a FREE Nordic Family History Conference that will be available both online (500 spots) and in-person (26 spots). The level will be beginner to intermediate and it is being taught by the best in the field!

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Tuesday Quick Tips – Finnish Communion and Pre-Confirmation Books on MyHeritage

One of the most important record sources for Finnish genealogical research, rippikirjat (communion books) and lastenkirjat (preconfirmation books) are now available and indexed on MyHeritage. These records are similar to the Swedish husförhörboken (household examinations). They show the family groups

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Tuesday Quick Tips – Typing Scandinavian Vowels

The Scandinavian languages have a number of letters that are different than those used for English-å, æ, ä, ö, and ø. These are not interchangeable and many times you must know how to type these letters, for example, if you

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Tuesday Quick Tip – Iron Range (Minnesota) Research Center

The Iron Range Research Center in Northern Minnesota is absolutely a treasure for researchers in the upper Midwest, especially (but not just) if you have family in Minnesota. You can research in-person when you happen to be fortunate enough to

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Tuesday Quick Tip – Finnish Census Records (Henkikirjat)

Among the many great resources for Finnish research are the census records. They are some of the most essential records after church records. Of particular interest are those census taken yearly during the Russian period. These records were microfilmed at a minimum,

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Tuesday Quick Tip – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Records

Many Scandinavians who came to the United States were religious people. In fact, some came to the U.S. for the very issue of religious freedom. Baptists and Latter Day Saints are just two of many religions that found resonance, and

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New Blog

Greetings! And welcome to my new blog location, I hope I have not lost anyone in the transition. I am not bringing over my old blog posts so let me introduce myself and what I hope to accomplish with this

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