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Tuesday Quick Tips – Midwife

When a child was born in Sweden, the birth was often attended by a midwife (barnmorska). The attendance of a midwife at the birth was in some cases recorded in the birth and christening record, especially in later records. The following

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New Blog Mail System

Hej All Am using a new blog mail system, so if you seem to have stopped getting blog posts, give me a holler and I will try and see what the problem is. Thanks!

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ArkivDigital 2.0 is Free 12-13 November 2016

A few weekends a month ArkivDigital offers its access to Swedish records free. Well, once you see what it is like to have 24-7 access to beautiful, color digitizations of almost all the basic records needed to do Swedish research

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Tuesday Quick Tips – Index for Halland Län Records Added to FamilySearch

FamilySearch is always adding additional digitized records online and continuing to index records so that they are freely available to all. In the last few weeks they have added almost 3/4 million index entries for the Halland Län! Even if

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Tuesday Quick Tips – Witches in Sweden

Like the rest of Europe and America between the 15th and 18th century, Sweden experienced some witch hysteria. The most famous incident being the Torsåker Parish Witch Trials of 1674-1675, when 71 people (6 men and 65 women) were executed

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