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Tuesday Quick Tips – Typing Scandinavian Vowels

The Scandinavian languages have a number of letters that are different than those used for English-å, æ, ä, ö, and ø. These are not interchangeable and many times you must know how to type these letters, for example, if you

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Tuesday Quick Tips – Free Scandinavian Research Webinars

FamilySearch has many great resources for Scandinavian researchers, such as: actual digitized or microfilmed records, detailed location information on the Wiki, great methodological helping aid. But an incredible resource that you should definitely look into are the free webinars that

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Tuesday Quick Tip – The Danish National Archives (Rigsarkivet)

One of the great things about researching in Scandinavia is the ready accessibility online of so many of the most crucial records for genealogists. And while this blog will not go into detail on ALL of the records that are digitized and

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Tuesday Quick Tip – Cradled in Sweden

Carl-Erik Johansson’s Cradled in Sweden is The standard work for all English speaking genealogists researching in Swedish records. First published in 1972 and revised several times since, it is a great introduction to the records, methodology, and background information. The discussions of

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